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Bachelor Projects

2023 organizational changes

Since January 1, 2023, a reorganization of the Former Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics occured, and it involved the division of Theoretical Particle Physics joining Particle Physics.

This website is being replaced by which is now the new homepage of the division.

Please visit for the latest news.

The Particle Physics division offers bachelor thesis projects (course code FYSK02) to undergraduate students. A project duration is one term, giving 15hp in credits.

Project topics are similar to those outlined in Master's Projects, please contact respective teachers to discuss possible project contents. 

Similarly to master's projects, a typical bachelor's project would involve data analysis, computer-based modelling and/or programming, therefore for best results the students should be familiar with a Linux operating system, C++ programming language and ROOT analysis framework, e.g. by taking the MNXB01 course or similar.