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Summer student programs

2023 organizational changes

Since January 1, 2023, a reorganization of the Former Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics occured, and it involved the division of Theoretical Particle Physics joining Particle Physics.

This website is being replaced by which is now the new homepage of the division.

Please visit for the latest news.

The particle physics division at Lund University participate in some programs for undergraduate students during the summer. These programs are offered by CERN and DESY laboratories and are carried out at the places of the accelerators in Switzerland and Germany. The students in these programs follow lectures in particle physics and do a project under the supervision of a scientist or engineer at CERN.

CERN Summer Student Program

The CERN summer student programs offers unique opportunities for undergraduate students in physics, computing and engineering to join in the day-to-day work in research teams participating in experiments at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

DESY summer student programs

Each summer DESY offers undergraduate students in physics and related science disciplines the possibility to participate in the research activities of the laboratory. These activities and programs are held in the place of DESY corporation in Hamburg, Germany.